Established in 2013, Historical association Castle of Svetvinčenat is trying to revive Medieval and Renaissance history. We are organizing knight clashes, archery demonstrations and many other games originating from Medieval period (among the others Serfs Chair and Carousel). With various events, unique games and atmosphere we are trying to preserve Medieval culture and turn back the hands of time at least for a moment.

The Castle association is highly involved in annual Medieval Festival which takes place in Svetvinčenat during the second weekend of August. Apart from the Festival, during the period between 15th of June until 14th of September we are organizing weekly event called "Medieval night in castle" in Morosini-Grimani castle in Svetvinčenat. This event is 90 minute long performance involving knight tournament, witch Mary legend, fire and catapult show.

Additionaly, audience and visitors can purchase our authentic products or even try out their accuracy with bow and arrow. As a society that is trying to preserve historical values we are performing as honoured guests on various manifestations (even weddings) in order to present and promote our cultural and historical heritage.