Season of medieval nights at castle 2017

Dear flames, knights, ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce that also this year at castle Morosini-Grimani in Svetvinčenat medieval nights will be held through this summer. This year you can expect even more adrenalin, more knights, archers, fire, swords, siege tools, and even bigger and fairer trial's of my husband's lover, witch Mara. This year we go full medieval once a week!
See you, Morosina Morosini

New attraction

Our dear faithful noblemen, knights and emissaries, we inform you that this year our empire has spread. We now have only one castel in our possession, but we have won another defensive castel, Sant Michel Castle. This year you will have the opportunity to enjoy our festivals in another castle. We can't wait for summer to come. Follow us and every week we'll let you know more about our new location and how we've concoured it.
Your, earl Marino Grimani

Shows 2017:

Dear visitors! The shows will be held on following dates:28th June (Wednesday), 5th July (Wednesday), 12th July (Wednesday), 17th July (Monday), 26th July (Wednesday), 31st July (Monday), 9th August (Wednesday), 16th August (Wednesday), 23th August (Wednesday), 30th August (Wednesday), 6th September (Wednesday). See you!

15.06.2016. We start again! The new season of the Medieval Nights!

Dear all, on Wednesday the 15th of June we begin the new season of shows in our castle. We invite you to be a part of this magnificent event. The show starts at 8.30 pm! You can buy your ticket infront of the castle starting from 6 pm and on.

10.04.2016. Our new page

Dear all, welcome to our new web page! Stay connected for all the news concerning our events in Svetvinčenat.